Why Buy Vintage Porn?

As a broker and appraiser of vintage erotic media and ephemera, I have the opportunity to examine and evaluate a wide range of adult materials from many countries and historical periods. These include books, magazines, photographs, films, video tapes, and novelties such as X-rated playing cards, action figures, air fresheners–you name it.

These artifacts provide fascinating insight into the cultures that produce and consume them. They give us a glimpse into the desires, fantasies, fashions, and fetishes of bygone eras. Because they deal with sexual expression, they occupy a unique niche in the historical record of a society. Often produced and sold on the fringes of the underground, pushing the envelope of legal and social standards, they offer a more honest portrayal of the taboos and turn-ons of a generation than do the officially sanctioned media. Porn has always been about giving the market exactly what it wants, heedless of the Hayes Code and MPAA ratings.

I recently acquired a very large trove of erotic materials from the estate of an American collector. Amassed over three decades, from the 1970s to the 1990s, the collection includes thousands of magazines, from newsstand titles like Playboy and Penthouse to adult bookstore imprints like Gourmet Editions and Swedish Erotica. European publishers, such as Private and Color Climax Corporation, are also well-represented. There are also thousands of VHS video cassettes, along with hundreds of books, 8mm films, promotional materials, and many other items. I have only started delving into the boxes, but so far I have found everything from the most common to the most rare examples of erotica from the Golden Age of Porn.

This collection is in excellent condition. Its owner apparently derived satisfaction from purchasing erotica, not from viewing it. Most of the videotapes are unopened, and many are still shrink-wrapped. The majority of the magazines are unread, stored in the original brown paper bags in which they were purchased. At first they were kept in a non-smoking household; later they were moved to a climate-controlled storage facility.

Every item offered for sale is graded on a standard scale: Near Mint, Very Fine, Fine, Very Good, Good, Fair. Any significant factors affecting condition such as creases, tears, stickers, etc. will be noted in the listing. Nothing is offered with major defects (missing pages, broken bindings) unless clearly disclosed as such. Nevertheless, as some of these items may be up to 40 years old, signs of age may be apparent. In particular, 8mm films are guaranteed to be intact, but may weaken or fade with time. I have not spooled or viewed any films or video tapes, so I cannot comment on their playing quality, but I do confirm their condition with physical inspection.

Due to the nature of these items, however, all sales are final. All buyers must be 18 years or older and affirm that these materials are legal to ship to their jurisdiction. I do not sell any materials that portray minors in sexual situations. Visual depictions associated with the materials appearing on this site are exempt from the recordkeeping requirements of 18 USC 2257 because they were produced before July 3, 1995.